Friday, December 30, 2016

"I Shall Return"

Have you ever remember your last, doing something that is not ordinary nowadays? Or seeing someone/something that for now it is not good or it is strange to look at it again? Feels weird or sometimes, feels new.

Many months ago, I was very enthusiastic writing in my blog. I have lots of time doing blog events, meeting new people and searching for new trends that I could write here. But as soon as I got busy with my permanent job, time flies so fast. I did not expect that it was really a long long time ago since I wrote my last blog.

When I was sitting next to my tea, something came up and I felt the eagerness to write something. I opened my laptop and try to logged in in my account ( I even forgot my password! Ha! Ha!) Typing my first word then the next and next and, voila! Posted this write-up, "I shall return".

As I started again my blog, I am starting new things too. Maybe it is also time to take chances again in writing and exploring new things. I love writing and expressing what I feel. And yes, we should all not to be scared in exploring, discovering and doing AGAIN the things we love, we want and we forgot. 

Resulta ng larawan para sa new things
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We will lose all the chances if we are afraid to take it.

I am starting my blog again because I want to explore and discover all the chances that I've got.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Venuerific: CHILL OUT!

VENUERIFIC will have its launch in the Philippines with a networking gathering of events and marketing professionals all over the country called CHILL-OUT.

Happening in House Manila at Resorts World located at Pasay City, first in the Philippines, Asia's largest event venues marketplace, Venuerific brings you its very own networking event with renowned events people. Be in the know of the latest buzz in the events industry!

On the 9th of July, Saturday, owners and sales/marketing representatives of the venues that are listed in Venuerific Philippines will interface in a one of a kind event that sits at the intersection of all things EVENTS, PROMOTION and SALES.

If you’re an event planner, blogger, promoter, host, photographer/videographer, caterer, provider of any kind of event needs or if you simply love taking part on events, this is a one grand event you shouldn’t miss.

For any person, events are something you may host for your own birthday to event corporate gatherings and so, it is insightful to know what’s the latest in the industry and it transforms the way we do things in events so be there and connect with event organizers and people who just love events and making them successful!

Chill-out is to be presented by ABS-CBN Lifestyle with participation from other media outlets and a celebrity host.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Get to MINGLE with people who are passionate about making great events happen. MEET your next client, sponsor, entertainment act, venue partner, photographer, performer or marketing superstar. Be exposed to the LATEST developments in events out there, be it a new technology, platform or idea. LEARN new ways to improve your practices from experts in their domains. Earn MONEY by marketing your brand or company during the event itself.

Party on your best cocktail get-up! Enjoy free cocktail menu and free drinks from an open bar. Dance to the beat of EDM. Learn from 2 special guest speakers. And interact exclusively with other event professionals like you.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Silent Disease, Osteoporosis

According to IOF, osteoporosis affects over 200 million people worldwide. Approximately one in three women and one in five men over the age of 50 will break a bone (also known as osteoporotic fracture) due to the silent disease.

Fractures, specifically hip fractures, can cause loss of function and independence with 40% of patients unable to walk independently; 60% requiring assistance a year late; 33% being totally dependent on or in a nursing home. Moreover, hip fractures cause the greatest morbidity with reported mortality up to 20-24% in the first year after a person suffers a hip fracture "We at the Pfizer Consumer Healthcare support the IOF in its advocacy to inform the people about osteoporosis and the fact that it can be prevented," says Dr. Egbert Dorado, a senior medical manager at PCH. "We echo IOF's, key message: Adequate intake of the right nutrients contributes to bone health at all ages and is a first step in osteoporosis prevention. For those who already have osteoporosis, a bone-healthy nutrition should be part of their treatment and rehabilitation program.

Three of the major nutrients that help optimize bone health are: calcium, vitamin D, and protein, with recommended daily allowances varying throughout life. "Regulating calcium levels in the body promotes better bone mass density (BMD), alongside improving muscle performance and balance. Taking a calcium supplement with adequate levels of Vitamin D3 also helps maximize calcium absorption," adds Dr. Egbert.
While proper nutrition works, it is also important to have holistic approach to osteoporosis prevention and management."It is indeed crucial to build strong bones early in life by following a healthy diet as it is the key ingredient in helping a person achieve peak bone mass, and maintaining it throughout life. But it is equally important to avoid other modifiable risk factors including sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and alcohol use," explains Dr. Egbert.

Osteoporosis is an incurable disease, but controlling its risk factors and complying with treatment regimens where prescribed can ensure a mobile, independent, and fracture-free life.

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