Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Day High!

Do you remember the movie First Day High starring Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Maja Salvador, Geoff Eigenmann and Jason Abalos? Do you relate with the events happened during their first day of school? Me? Yes, absolutely! We don’t have same scenes but we were likely in related to what they felt during their firsts.

Photo from tumblr

I have lots of what ifs when I take my first step on the ground of Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). What if I can’t win friends? What if I can’t go with our lessons every day? What if someone bully me? See, I have so much “ifs” but these ifs are “ifs from my imagination”.

The first day of school was the best day of the whole school year. New uniforms, shoes, school things, to wear and to use but sometimes, new school, classmates, teachers and environments to encounter and interact with. Others might say it’s just easy to adjust with these “new things” but for some people, it was NOT.

Not because it will always depends on the people you’ll going to meet and hang out with. How people will treat and accept you. But don’t let these “problems” put you down, cheer up and enjoy your first day high!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Super Man

When we were a little, there was a hero who always lifts us just for us to feel that we were flying, a thief, who will run as slow as he could just for us to catch him easily, a coach who will never fail to teach us all the good things that we should learn. A policeman that will correct all the wrong doings that we may possibly do, a billionaire that can give all the luxuries that we want and lastly, an army that will fight for us in times of trouble and adversity.

All of these “profession” can possess by only one person. A person, who always spoils us, disciplines us and loves us. The most important guy in our life, our “FATHER”, “DAD”, “PAPA”, “TATAY” and “ITAY”. We all know, no one can take their part as our father because without them, we don’t have a mother and honestly, we will never see this beautiful world that God created for us.

Photo from: southbay.ymca.org

Photo from: loveblindmadness.blogspot.com

Photo from: shadowtears832.deviantart.com

I am taking this opportunity to thank my father for all the things that he brought (even bought) for our family. I know Father’s day is still on Sunday, but I want to do this on behalf of my father’s birthday tomorrow, June 13, 2013. I want him to feel through this blog of mine how much I love him even though I’m a lady now. And I will continue to love him even I’ll get married and have kids.

Left: Me and Papa
Right: My Sister and Papa

He’s the best father in this whole wide world. He will sacrifice everything just to make us happy. He will never forget the things that we want, like or dream of. He will just not forget but he will find ways to make it in reality (in a good way).

That’s why, in time, I will took off my hat and pass it to him just for him to feel that without him, I will never be successful as they wish for.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Araw ng Kalayaan, sa Bagong Henerasyon!

“Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay!”, iyan ang mga kataga na isinisigaw ng ating mga ninunong Pilipino nang tayo ay naging malaya sa kamay ng mga mananakop na dayuhan.

Sa panahon natin ngayon, naririnig pa nga ba natin ang mga iyan sa ating mga kababayan? Taas noo pa rin ba tayong nakatingala sa ating watawat na sagisag ng paggalang natin sa ating Inang Bayan? O tayo’y kibit balikat na nga lang ba kapag sumasapit ang Araw ng Kalayaan?

Hunyo 12, 1898, Kawit, Cavite- Idineklara ni Heneral Emilio Aguinaldo ang Kalayaan ng Pilipinas mula sa pananakop ng mga Espanyol. Ang pagdedeklara ng ating Kalayaan ay sa pagitan ng ika-apat at ika-lima ng hapon sa nasabing araw sa tahanan ni Heneral Aguinaldo. Alinsabay nito ang pagtaas ng Pambansang Watawat ng Pilipinas na itinahi nina Marcela Agoncillo, Lorenza Agoncillo, at Delfina Herboza sa Hong Kong.

Itinanghal din sa unang pagkakataon ang ating Pambansang Awit na Marcha Filipina Magdalo na ngayon ay Lupang Hinirang sa panulat at komposisyon ni Julian Felipe. Itinanghal ito ng San Francisco de Malabon Marching Band.

Ang Deklarasyon ng Kalayaan ng Pilipinas ay inihanda, isinulat at binasa ni  Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista sa lenggwahe ng mga Espanyol. Ang Deklarasyon ay nilagdaan ng siyamnapu’t walong katao karamihan ay mga Amerikanong sundalo sa panahon na iyon.

Ang Deklarasyon ng Kalayaan ng Pilipinas ay napalaganap lamang noong Agosto 1, 1898 nang maging organisado na ang karamihan sa mga lungsod at probinsya sa ilalim ng pamumuno ni Heneral Emilio Aguinaldo.

Photo from philippineamericanwar.webs.com

Photo from wowphilippines.com

Photo from fil.wikipilipinas.org

Sa ika-isandaan at labinlimang taon na paggunita ng Araw ng Kalayaan, tayong mga Pilipino ay sama-sama, taas noong ipagmalaki sa buong mundo ang katapangan, karunungan at kabayanihan ng mga magigiting nating mga bayani na ibinuwis ang kanilang buhay para sa kasarinlan ng ating bayan.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Karate Kid: It's all my treat!

"Lot, libre mo naman ako!"- A tagline which my cousin Shayne Marie Perocillo is always saying whenever I got money from my allowance. Honestly, I am so ashamed to her because without her, I wouldn't be as beautiful as a princess when there is a party or an event like JS Prom in high school, Graduation day and so much more when it comes in beauty necessities (So much thanks to have her!).

So as a return, I treat her after our school in a Japanese Fast food Restaurant (both of us love Japanese Cuisine and Lifestyle) called Karate Kid. The name “Karate Kid” (KK) was derived from the popular American movie of the same title, thus making the brand appealing to the youth, children and families. KK concept was inspired by the Japanese anime cartoons. It is also the first and only fast-food that offers “Rice All you Can” and Bottomless KIDO PUNCH TEA, Karate Kid’s signature drink. But as far as we were concerned, we love Japanese foods! Hahaha.

Anyways, we found one of their branch near the bridgewalk of Araneta Center and Gateway Mall (if I am not mistaken, beside Jollibee Store). Even if Karate Kid Store there was not big as their other branches, it’s ambiance and store location were perfectly good. Their courteous service is also good but the order system was really like a fastfood chain.

Their menu starts from Maki/ Sushi/ Sashimi, their Blockbuster and 99ers Meals, Teppanyaki Meals, Pasta, Ramen, Burger, Milk Teas, Takoyaki and Sidekicks. They have many varieties which you’ll surely love! They also have promotional offers that suites your budget and even your tummy!

From top clockwise: Pearl Milk Tea, Yakisoba, Fish Katsu (Rice Refillable), Pork Katsudon (Rice Refillable), Californian Maki, Kido Punch Tea

Me and my Ate Shayne got three scoops of  rice refill. Yes, their blockbuster meals, teppanyaki meals are rice refillable.It's just three scoops because we are still saving some bags inside our tummy for our dessert.

Me with my Ate Shayne
Even it was all my treat, It was "sulit" to treat her as a give back to all the good deeds she has done to me. Credits to some photos which she had taken.

Other branches of Karate Kid:

  • Robinson's Place Manila
  • Robinson's Cabanatuan
  • SM City Fairview
  • SM Southmall
  • SM City San Lazaro
  • SM Megamall
  • SM City Sucat
  • SM Sta. Rosa
  • SM City Clark
  • Trinoma
  • Waltermart Makati
  • SM Dasmarinas
  • Mall of Asia

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Teriyaki Boy at Gateway!

After a very tiring day from our general rehearsal for the competition in our school, me with my classmate had a "trip" to eat on a Japanese Restaurant. We walk and search around Gateway Mall but still we could not find Japanese Restaurant until we found...

TERIYAKI BOY is the first fast-casual Japanese dining restaurant in the Philippines. They take pride in serving traditional home-cooked Japanese meals at fast-food speed and reasonable prices. The branch that we went through is in Gateway Mall Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City. The ambiance was really good. You'll think that you were really in Tokyo or somewhere else in Japan. The accepatance of guests are overwhelming because of their greetings. They have a hip and eye-fascinating interior designs. They have not only courteous services but also a tasty food that's why people are coming back for it.

This is how their tables are prepared

Their specialties are: Chicken Teriyaki, Teppanyaki, Tonkatsu, Agedashi Tofu, Kani Salad and California Temaki. I suggest that if you have low budget you can go to this place.

PORK KATSUDON (the food that I ordered)

CHICKEN GYUDON (my friend's food)

PORK GYOZA (a food to share)

My friend and I just ordered few foods because we're not really hungry but we're tired that's why maybe we were not as hungry as we should in entering this casual Japanese Restaurant. We spend almost 400-500 pesos, not bad for these worthy foods.

Teriyaki Boy's other branches:

Petron - NLEX Northbound
Marilao, Bulacan

Greenhills Promenade

Tomas Morato

SM City Marikina

SM Mall of Asia

Alphaland Southgate Mall

Banawe, Quezon City

Binondo, Manila

Cash & Carry Makati

Eastwood City Walk

Festival Supermall

Fun Ranch


Greenbelt 1

Harbor Square

Katipunan, Quezon City

Legaspi Village - Dela Rosa Carpark 1, Makati

Madison Square - Greenhills

Market! Market!