Friday, December 30, 2016

"I Shall Return"

Have you ever remember your last, doing something that is not ordinary nowadays? Or seeing someone/something that for now it is not good or it is strange to look at it again? Feels weird or sometimes, feels new.

Many months ago, I was very enthusiastic writing in my blog. I have lots of time doing blog events, meeting new people and searching for new trends that I could write here. But as soon as I got busy with my permanent job, time flies so fast. I did not expect that it was really a long long time ago since I wrote my last blog.

When I was sitting next to my tea, something came up and I felt the eagerness to write something. I opened my laptop and try to logged in in my account ( I even forgot my password! Ha! Ha!) Typing my first word then the next and next and, voila! Posted this write-up, "I shall return".

As I started again my blog, I am starting new things too. Maybe it is also time to take chances again in writing and exploring new things. I love writing and expressing what I feel. And yes, we should all not to be scared in exploring, discovering and doing AGAIN the things we love, we want and we forgot. 

Resulta ng larawan para sa new things
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We will lose all the chances if we are afraid to take it.

I am starting my blog again because I want to explore and discover all the chances that I've got.