Friday, February 28, 2014

The House of Kipling opens at SM Clark

If you are fond of having styles and colors for your bags, I guess Kipling Bag is for you!

Everyone knows how Kipling brought their authentic bags in the market. They are known because of their own designs and materials that they are using. Kipling is unique. That’s it. I would rather buy this than the others simply because; it’s durable, appealing to the eyes, and fashionable. It will go along with your Outfit of the Day ‘cause it will match whatever style you may have.

As Kipling opens their another store here in the Philippines, they assure that you will enjoy not only their latest design of their bags, but also, the interior design of their newest store in SM Clark Pampanga. The shoppers will settle to a fashionable yet adorable mood that made Kipling a well-loved brand in and out of the country.

The House of Kipling

This is what we call the ‘dressing room’ where customers can experiment with the brand. 
Colorful poufs are also located here where you can sit and relax after shopping.

Applying domestic charm to retail, “The House of Kipling” takes a fresh perspective
 on everyday things. 

Upon  entering the store, the customer is greeted with an exciting feast 
of product stories and seasonal presentations.

Kipling’s newest store in SM Clark is too lovely and homey plus its iconic monkey printed on the wall. Located in lustrous ceramic and wooden frames, drawers and gondolas are the store’s main attraction – the hottest collection of handbags, totes, carry-alls, backpacks and luggage in various shapes, sizes and prints. Nearby are bunch of colorful mirrors helping customers picture themselves with their favorite Kipling bags.

In addition, the concept of the store also features “Whimsy Wall” wherein you can put all your thoughts, emotions, bliss, ideas and messages so it can build relationship with the store and its customers. The House of Kipling leaves their customers a feeling of satisfaction through their bags as their companion whenever they work, play, and travel.

Whimsy wall behind a kitchen table-turned-counter/cash desk
 to give a homey feel to the interiors.

You may also visit their other new concept stores at SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City and and The District North Point in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dawn Jimenez for UNO's 92 Issue

Dawn Jimenez surprised everyone as she took everything off for her wild love scene with Gerald Anderson, whose character didn't get any action for several months. This climatic scene in On The Job, a movie about prisoners exiting prison to become hired hit men for corrupt government officials, made the viewers hooked for this hot and delectable, Dawn Jimenez.

For UNO's 92 issue, she gets down, dirty and simply delicious for her cover shoot. With her sexy lingerie, Dawn nibbles ever so gently or sometimes fiercely on a luscious piece of chocolate in the photos.

She wasn't afraid to get all wet and lathered in chocolate for this UNO cover either. Dawn, with a sweet smile that could melt the hardest heart or chocolate, is actually a lover of zombie movies, even the low-budget ones, a fact that will surely get many a guy's attention.

Her willingness to be daring however paid off, as Dawn scored her first cover for UNO and an upcoming role in the ABS-CBN afternoon teleserye Moon of Desire.

So go ahead, feel free to grab UNO's 92 issue. Everyone deserves a bite of chocolate-y happiness.

UNO magazine is available in all leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Baguio Trip Day 4: 'Adios Baguio!'

We will never forget how beautiful Baguio City was. I still remember the first time we arrived there, full of amusement and excitement. Until our last day, we still have the feeling of 'unsatisfied' not because Baguio is not a beautiful place to visit but because we want to stay longer. We really want to.

For our last day in Baguio, we spent our remaining morning hours inside our transient and in early afternoon we planned to visit Baguio Museum and Lourdes Grotto. Here are our pictures in Baguio Museum (sorry for the few pictures, it's not allowed to take pictures in some floors inside the museum):

Here are some of our pictures in Lourdes Grotto. You'll felt relieved when you had finished the steps and once you were done praying, you will feel blessed.

Our Baguio tour was so amazing! In fact, we are not yet done strolling and visiting places in Baguio. I would recommend you to stay there for 5 days to 1 week. Baguio is such a wonderful place!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday's Literature 008


Tayo ay masigasig sa pamumuhay
Masisipag sa mga aspeto ng buhay
Dahil ayaw nating mawalan ng saysay
Mga paghihirap ay nais magtagumpay

Ngunit bakit nagkaganito ang mundo?
Kasipaga’y tila din a naging buo
Pamumuhay natin ay parang nalumpo
Ating mga paa’y hindi na makatayo

Teknolohiya: ikaw ba ang sanhi?
Gawain nami’y ginawa mong madali
Kasipagan nami’y iyong ikinubli
Katamaran sa sarili’y namutawi

Iyong mga imbensyon at mga makinarya
Ito’y nakatutulong naman talaga
Lalo na sa mga gawaing mahalaga
Husay mo ay sadyang kaiga-igaya

Subalit epekto’y di naging maganda
Resulta’y nakukuha ng kisapmata
Mga tao’y sayo na lamang nakaasa
Wala ng pagsisikap na nakataya

Bunga nito’y hindi na maiiwasan
Kaya’t tayong mga madla’y dapat umaksyon
Ialis sa sarili ang katamaran

Nang tamang benepisyo’y maaasahan

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baguio Trip: Day 3 of Enjoyment and Pressure!

Why enjoyment? Why pressure? That is because we had a very stressful day due of rushing things yet enjoying it too.

At 1:00 pm, we went to Easter School for taking photos of Indigenous people who are weaving clothes and household mats as part of their job.

Women doing weaving

After our tour at Easter School, we went to Camp John Hay for some enjoyment. So fun to be there and we have learned so many things about American Era and how they influence the Filipinos through their culture and values.

Camp John's Ampitheater

We also explore the other parts of the Camp John Hay, and we were so proud how they built the entire place! I also admire the historical parts of Camp John Hay where you can find the most terrible part of it, the tunnel underground of the Camp John Hay (but it was not opened to the public).

Ancestral yet wonderful place to visit. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Baguio Trip: Day 2 at Different Tourist Spots

It's our day two in Baguio City and yet we don't want to get up from our bed because it was so cold! Breeeew!

But here's our tour around Baguio City, this day we gathered facts and interviews about indigenous people. At 11:00 am, we went to Mines View Park!

My team mates wearing tribe costumes

The boys of the tribe

View of the mountains

Weird compound, isn't?

Green City is LOVE!

Tiangge at Mines View Park

The products they are selling

On our way to THE MANSION

Amazing Wood Carved

Sunshine and Sunflower

The indigenous people selling costumes at Mines View park told us that we can see tribes on Botanical Garden, so we went there. Oh wait, The Mansion first!

So after The Mansion, we went to Botanical Garden, where Indigenous People stay and make some living.

The oldest from the tribe

The Indigenous People

Interview Session

There it is, we already finished the interview so we went to SM Baguio to eat lunch, take note, it was passed 3 pm. We are so hungry!

We met our friend, Danica and her boyfriend, Raymond at SM Baguio.

After the very tiring tour, we went back to our transient and take a rest. Up next, our day 3 in Baguio City!