Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My First Baby!

This was the first write up that I’m going to post here in my baby blog site. Now, I’m just want to tell a story on how I end up writing here even I’m too busy doing school works. Hope you've enjoyed this little story and the rest of my posts in the near future.

I am a normal yet an achiever 2nd year college student from Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta. Mesa, Manila taking Marketing Management even though I am better with Broadcasting Communications.  I’m a courteous daughter of my father and mother and a nice friend to anyone. I just believe that I only need to study for the future and reach for my dreams.

 This is me, Jero Anne Mae Perocillo Payang

October 11, 2012, I have to go to my ninang’s house to do a little favor for me in my final presentation in my subject which is website retailing. I am also excited to see her at that time because I missed her so much. When I had arrived in their residence, Ninang Joy Mendiola together with her husband, Ninong John Mendiola welcomed me. Ninang Joy told me that she’s not familiar with website because she only does blogging. In the same time and place my fortune in writing has began.

She taught me the basics of blogging and how the “blog world” revolves around us. I was very surprised because I felt it is where my heart really belongs to. Writes, interviews and meet people, I like doing those things. I’d tried making my own blog and here it is.

               From left: Ninang Joy Mendiola, Mr. Cyrus Baguio and Me

Even though I am a Marketing student, I will never forget my passion in writing. Writing essays, news, stories and scripts are my first love. Whenever I write something, I am with myself; I'm in my world.

Before I end this, I would like to dedicate this blog and express my gratitude to my favorite ninang, Ms. Joy Mendiola for being the most thoughtful, unselfish and JOYFUL second parent. She was so cool and whenever we’re together it feels like I’m just with my other friends. Thanks ninang for being always around to help and guide me whatever problem or situation it is.

Me and Ninang Joy Mendiola

To my readers and followers, hope you’ll love my blog as you love the others. This might just a simple blog to you but for me; this will be the start of building my dreams and a start of better something new.