Wednesday, December 18, 2013

UNO Magazine Special Release: The Mocha Girls!

Sexy is not just being sexy. There is more than skin deep attraction, daring, and flesh beauty. And that’s what Mocha Girls wants to prove.

This pop all-girl has seen its share of beautiful faces come and go, but one thing that has remained constant is the founder and the person who lent her name to the group, ringleader Mocha Uson.

Mocha says what keeps the group going is the drive to reinvent itself. The current members minus Mochas were not there when Mocha Girls started seven years ago. But Mae, Franz, Seika, Georgina, Jhane with Mocha have found a way to use each other’s strengths and complement these to form a cohesive, well- oiled pop group that thrives on reinvention.

In this issue of UNO Magazine, the ultimate guide for men in the Philippines, readers and Mocha Girls will be treated to a very visual feast of the girls in different titillating poses. And lots of skin bared too.

And the surprise bonus? The issue contains a free calendar inside, featuring, of course, the Mocha Girls. Go ahead; treat yourself to a dose of Mocha and her girls. It’s gonna be well worth it to find out what gets these six ladies going, moving, and rising up.

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