Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hands Down, Sir John!

This semester we have a subject called Sociology, a minor subject in our curriculum. According to the outline course, our discussion will focus in the society and other social interactions. But I never thought this subject will caught my attention. Not only because of the topics related in Sociology but also because of our 'jaw-dropped' professor. He's one of a kind, talented and intelligent.

Mr. John Nicer Abletis from Quezon City, our professor in Sociology, was indeed a good mentor in terms of this subject. I can't explain why my two ears are very attentive when he's discussing in front of our class. He knows everything! He's vocal, simple, and open minded. He doesn't mind if his words are foul, he's just being true to himself. Sir John was so cool!

Last meeting, Mr. Abletis discussed about our Father of Modern Sociology, Emil Durkheim. But we never stay on the biography of this social psychologist and philosopher, instead, he discussed everything related to him. His books, criticism, arguments and so on.

What I like most with this professor is that he's simple, wearing shirt and jeans. But his knowledge was too wide and immense. He is like a walking encyclopedia!

I'm so happy to have this professor, he feeds me intellectual things. So, hands down sir John! You're the man!