Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Day High!

Do you remember the movie First Day High starring Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Maja Salvador, Geoff Eigenmann and Jason Abalos? Do you relate with the events happened during their first day of school? Me? Yes, absolutely! We don’t have same scenes but we were likely in related to what they felt during their firsts.

Photo from tumblr

I have lots of what ifs when I take my first step on the ground of Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). What if I can’t win friends? What if I can’t go with our lessons every day? What if someone bully me? See, I have so much “ifs” but these ifs are “ifs from my imagination”.

The first day of school was the best day of the whole school year. New uniforms, shoes, school things, to wear and to use but sometimes, new school, classmates, teachers and environments to encounter and interact with. Others might say it’s just easy to adjust with these “new things” but for some people, it was NOT.

Not because it will always depends on the people you’ll going to meet and hang out with. How people will treat and accept you. But don’t let these “problems” put you down, cheer up and enjoy your first day high!

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