Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Super Man

When we were a little, there was a hero who always lifts us just for us to feel that we were flying, a thief, who will run as slow as he could just for us to catch him easily, a coach who will never fail to teach us all the good things that we should learn. A policeman that will correct all the wrong doings that we may possibly do, a billionaire that can give all the luxuries that we want and lastly, an army that will fight for us in times of trouble and adversity.

All of these “profession” can possess by only one person. A person, who always spoils us, disciplines us and loves us. The most important guy in our life, our “FATHER”, “DAD”, “PAPA”, “TATAY” and “ITAY”. We all know, no one can take their part as our father because without them, we don’t have a mother and honestly, we will never see this beautiful world that God created for us.

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I am taking this opportunity to thank my father for all the things that he brought (even bought) for our family. I know Father’s day is still on Sunday, but I want to do this on behalf of my father’s birthday tomorrow, June 13, 2013. I want him to feel through this blog of mine how much I love him even though I’m a lady now. And I will continue to love him even I’ll get married and have kids.

Left: Me and Papa
Right: My Sister and Papa

He’s the best father in this whole wide world. He will sacrifice everything just to make us happy. He will never forget the things that we want, like or dream of. He will just not forget but he will find ways to make it in reality (in a good way).

That’s why, in time, I will took off my hat and pass it to him just for him to feel that without him, I will never be successful as they wish for.