Saturday, October 19, 2013

Torn Between Three Hotties

Last time, my Ninang Joy invited me to go with her on an event somewhere in Greenhills. It was the Blue Water Day Spa Event held in Chili's Greenhills. There are lot of bloggers who are chatting with each other, saying hi and hello to another, eating some appetizers and sipping their drinks. Then, when the host of the event introduces the artist that they invited, I was shocked because a handsome and hot Fabio Ide is in the house!

Fabio Ide

He's very nice and approachable. I can say that even he's not a pure Filipino he knows how to interact with different nationality. 

As the event goes on, another shocking thing left me jaw- dropped, not just one but another two handsome and hot guys enter the resto! The Semerad Twins!

Anthony and David

See? Who can resist these handsome faces once you were with them? For me, little shyness and a touch of being Dalagang Filipina as well. They are truly Filipino in heart even they are not Filipino in blood.

Torn between Three Hotties :)

It feels like heaven being with them not because they are tall, handsome and hot guys but because they are kind, nice, and a true Filipino not by blood but by heart.