Thursday, November 28, 2013

Empire Salon Aiming for Beauty Legacy

The Empire Salon located in the Intercontinental Hotel was aiming for beauty legacy as they promote beauty philosophy of embracing one’s individuality and personal flair. They are now looking forward to their long-term vision of making Manila a place for hairdressing schools. They share a dream with other people in the salon industry who wish to promote the country’s potential in the field and develop it further. By that, this London- inspired salon can create beauty as well as legacy in their industry.

This Salon was led by a team of stylists, all trained and educated in the United Kingdom. Have a sense of London style with a full-service offering of the best quality hair, nail, make-up, depilation services using top-of-the-line beauty products.

Salon Manager Angelie Manabat further describes what the Empire Salon is all about, “It is a Filipino-owned salon that puts a special emphasis in pushing for professionalizing the salon industry. All of our stylist are London-educated because we put a premium in continuous education; we have a commitment to the craft and we want to develop people.”