Saturday, February 8, 2014

SEVENFRIDAY Unleashes Industrial Chic Timepieces

You are not hip and trendy if you’re not wearing Sevenfriday!

Sevenfriday timepieces communicate a unique aura, different from any other watch out there. It will make you wow even you are not fond of collecting timepieces. Because of its sensory and tactile experience, you can truly appreciate the elegance of its multi-faceted dial, and admire the handiwork that defines its finish. On the wrist, you can feel the grace underneath its modernity. Everyone will want to know what you’re wearing, and how they can get one.

The wristwatches of Sevenfriday are built on two major elements: the box and the interface. The box, made of stainless steel, refers to the complex construction of the protective casing. Its shape and style lies between the modern and the classic, creating an exciting atmosphere. It is surrounded by an animation ring made of aluminum, enhancing its haptic and visual appeal.

Within the box, you can find the interface, which consists of hands, discs, dial, and the watch movement. All the indicators are designed and arranged in way to bring the complexity of the movement to the surface. The dial alone is made up of five separate pieces or layers, with eleven different applications. This complex construction attracts and fascinates the spectator.

A variety of materials, finishing, and colors complete the uniqueness of the collection.

Here are the Sevenfriday Collections that you must have:

The Sevenfriday P1, cool and slightly restrained in coloring, symbolizes the present industrial aesthetics or the “Industrial Essence.” The colors silver, black, and rhodium are mainly used.

The Sevenfriday P2, warm with a strong coloring of copper, reminds us strongly of the beginning of our modern era, and symbolizes the “Industrial Revolution”. Various shades of gray, in combination with the various finishing touches, are testament to this.

The Sevenfriday P3 is inspired by the no-nonsense attitude of “cafe racer” motorcycles, and symbolizes “Industrial Engines”. The striking signal-red highlights provide visual contrast, while the animation ring recalls a motorcycle’s distinct profile.

The Sevenfriday P1/2 is marked by subtle elegance, strikig highlights, and a bright design. Dashes of gold bring a striking but still subtle contrast to the interface.

The Sevenfriday P2/2 is elegant, powerful, sophisticated, and cool. Inspired by the emotional beauty of 19th century machinery, it is treated with a warm finish.

The Sevenfriday P3/2 (Riviera) takes its cues from the nautical lifestyle, with yachting colors and a wooden animation ring, handcrafted from Canadian wood by a craftsman from Tyrol. Available only in a limited run, the Riviera is one of the most sought-after timepieces in the Sevenfriday line.

NEW: Sevenfriday lends its innovative craftsmanship to Sevenfriday P1/3, P1/4, and P1/5, a fresh new line of wrist masterpieces. Rendered in the same industrial chic style, the latest line of Sevenfirday watches shows the same impressive mechanical display with an orange, green, or blue highlight. The dial, rendered in one’s choice of industrial bright, alternates with a jet black opalin finishing.

The Sevenfriday is exclusively available in the Sevenfriday boutique in Promenade 3 in the Greenhills Shopping Complex and in select watch specialty stores in Metro Manila, with free nationwide shipping for orders outside of Metro Manila. For inquiries, please email