Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday's Literature 003

All About Love

Love, an emotion that we are all capable of feeling which point makes us happy or makes us cry. It can make someone inspired or devastated because when we love, we often set aside what the consequences of our actions might be.

But Love is not all about romance because it is also divided into some types: fraternal, platonic, romantic, brotherly and Godly love. You can love your family, friends and even your favorite things and hobbies. In the dictionary, Love is defined as a warm feeling of personal attachment for a person or thing. It is a belief or desire for a person or a thing. Which is true. When you love someone, you believe them and give them your trust and trusting too much might be one of the reasons why a lot of people get hurt when they love because they turn a blind eye to the reality that the person they love can actually hurt them or worse, destroy them.

Love is an affection, adoration or devotedness. It may also be called admiration, respect or care. But in reality, Love is not all about happiness. Especially when it's too much, love turns into our source of defeat. It is not love anymore when you go crazy about that person, put him or her on a pedestal or make your world revolve around that person. It is not Love anymore when it becomes your weakness instead of strength.

That's why we need to know whether what type of love to give to that person so that we will not be abused or get hurt in the end.

Love is the look in someone's eyes that is meant for you alone, a gentle.