Friday, January 3, 2014

Life is not a LIFE without a FRIEND

Everyone of us has a friend. A friend that we can always count on in good times and in bad times. A friend that would always stick to us no matter rough or smooth life was. A friend that would always gives his/ her best shot whenever and wherever you need them. And a friend that will always be your all-in-one buddy.

For some, one friend is enough to make them happy. One friend is enough for them to share their feelings, guilt, emotions and moments. One friend, that they could share the rest of their lives with. Some people called them as their best friend.

But for me, I can't live my life with just a single friend. I was born as a friendly individual and my friends is my happiness. My friends (including my family) are my strength and weakness in life. They give me joys, sorrows, excitements, surprises and also an emptiness whenever we were apart.

Simply, they are my spinach and kryptonite.

How about you? How do you value FRIENDSHIP? How much do you care for them? Are they your spinach? Your kryptonite? Or both?