Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baguio Trip: Day 3 of Enjoyment and Pressure!

Why enjoyment? Why pressure? That is because we had a very stressful day due of rushing things yet enjoying it too.

At 1:00 pm, we went to Easter School for taking photos of Indigenous people who are weaving clothes and household mats as part of their job.

Women doing weaving

After our tour at Easter School, we went to Camp John Hay for some enjoyment. So fun to be there and we have learned so many things about American Era and how they influence the Filipinos through their culture and values.

Camp John's Ampitheater

We also explore the other parts of the Camp John Hay, and we were so proud how they built the entire place! I also admire the historical parts of Camp John Hay where you can find the most terrible part of it, the tunnel underground of the Camp John Hay (but it was not opened to the public).

Ancestral yet wonderful place to visit.