Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday's Literature 006

Love: Take it easy...
(Free verse)

A night that full of wonderful things,
The stars that made me wish for the dreams
That so impossible to reach
The moon keeps staring at me,
Because the moon knows that my dream are not really for me
You know why?
Because I wished for the person I love,
Unfortunately, he has another.

I'm only wishing for him to give me a chance
But the comet refused to grant my wish
He doesn't want me to be happy and I start crying...
The asteroids get pity on me and let me remember,
The memories I had when I met the one I love;
And I start realizing...

Love, the one who made me paralyzed from hurting,
Made my heart bleeds from the rumored things,
And I'm still crying, bleeding, and dying from the past.

Then the angel of love came down and greeted me.
She heard my pains from trials
She said, love, take it easy
You can't get your wish if you push yourself to that person
And the one thing that made me shocked,
When she said: "you're a soul now..."

It takes a long time to reincarnate to one's body
Because you're still suffering from deeper pain
Let your emotions of aches passed and remember,
Love, take it easy...