Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday's Literature 005

Tears of Life

Life is not good without miseries. The life that can bring you happiness or sometimes in sorrow. But did you know, life can also be bad at all? It can change everything. It can destroy you or the people around you. Let's face it, the hindrances we are experiencing today and tomorrow will mold us to be a better one.

At times, when failures and joys are put together you can find life that is really meant for you. Eventually, life is not really a simple thing that everybody is thinking of. Neither one of us don't know what's the true meaning why life is brought to us.

Life for everyone is shed, some of us believe that it was destined, God made our plans and our objectives in life, He control us. But some says it was a journey to take. You are the one who will settle and make your journey that will fit you at your best.

But a small conclusion takes place.

It was the life was given to us will make us simple and logical human being. You can never replace your life. Instead, you should be thankful from the gift you have received. We were so special that we can breath, we can talk, sing, dance and we can do everything we want. But the most important of all is we were given the life for us to take care, to preserve and to see the beautiful creatures that God of Heaven gave us.