Thursday, February 6, 2014

How To Have Fun When You're Alone

No man is an island. -a popular saying which is very meaningful. It's true, we cannot live alone especially in times of adversity. But we can try having fun when we are alone. How? Just be yourself and enjoy everything you have right now. It is not important if you don't have the luxury things, a partner and even famous friends. What's important is, you're happy and you're enjoying even if you are alone.

In this article of mine, I wanna show you how I enjoy being alone. No friends. No classmates. No relatives. Just me.

Valentines Day-Self Date

Museum Tour-Self Tour

Strolling Around-Self Stroll

Mall Hang outs-Self Hang out

See? I never felt alone. I'm still happy. So don't feel sad when no one is there for you. Just enjoy the moment of being alone.