Thursday, February 20, 2014

Baguio Trip: Day 2 at Different Tourist Spots

It's our day two in Baguio City and yet we don't want to get up from our bed because it was so cold! Breeeew!

But here's our tour around Baguio City, this day we gathered facts and interviews about indigenous people. At 11:00 am, we went to Mines View Park!

My team mates wearing tribe costumes

The boys of the tribe

View of the mountains

Weird compound, isn't?

Green City is LOVE!

Tiangge at Mines View Park

The products they are selling

On our way to THE MANSION

Amazing Wood Carved

Sunshine and Sunflower

The indigenous people selling costumes at Mines View park told us that we can see tribes on Botanical Garden, so we went there. Oh wait, The Mansion first!

So after The Mansion, we went to Botanical Garden, where Indigenous People stay and make some living.

The oldest from the tribe

The Indigenous People

Interview Session

There it is, we already finished the interview so we went to SM Baguio to eat lunch, take note, it was passed 3 pm. We are so hungry!

We met our friend, Danica and her boyfriend, Raymond at SM Baguio.

After the very tiring tour, we went back to our transient and take a rest. Up next, our day 3 in Baguio City!