Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baguio Trip: Day 1 at Burnham Park

It was my first time to go to Baguio City, not for vacation but for our term paper. Maybe you'll ask, why in Baguio? Hey, here how's the story goes...

Our professor in Sociology, Mr. John Abletis, asked us to sociologize indigenous people in the Philippines. It depends on us where on this country would be our preferred place to sociologize with. We have so many choices and we have listed some of our main choices: Bataan, where our neighbor's province is, Rizal, where there are many indigenous yet modernized people and Baguio City, where there are lots of indigenous people strolling around. We also wanted to go to Sagada but unfortunately, it was the time when the comedian Tado Jimenez lost his life in Mountain Province. I thought our parents would not allow us to continue this trip but we are grateful that they just support us and gave us money. HAHAHA!

When we arrived at Baguio City, we were all amazed on how beautiful it is, the road, the places and the people, they are so nice and approachable. We've stayed in a transient called Dad's Place in Bokaw-kan Road, Baguio City. The employees are very nice and very accommodating. I probably recommend this place!

At 5:00 pm, we've went first to Burnham Park because it' just near in our transient. It was our first time to experience the very cold weather at night. We were freezing but still enjoying our stay.

Our Boat Ride!

Me with my Beb Miray

After our 1 hour boat ride, we stroll around in Burnham. There are lots of Tiangge and food carts around the place and a concert too!

It was just our first day in Baguio and we are counting more days to enjoy and finish our term paper. Next write-up, our day 2 in Baguio City!